Residential Sewer Inspection $125

With a Video and Report. Does not include limited access where repair of property is needed. Locate is included!

Pulling toilets $0

Roof Access $0


Safe Investment Sewer Inspections offers you a $125 dollar non-biased service of sewer pipe video inspection. We are experienced in commercial, and residential sewer lines for owners and real estate agents around the state of Colorado. You can be confident that in hiring us to inspect your sewer line that you will get an unbiased, professional, detailed, and spot on sewer inspection.

Our technicians are fully trained and take pride in a job well done! Safe Investment Home Inspections does not do sewer cleaning or any type of repairs, because that is a conflict of interests. No longer do you have to worry about the condition of your sewer pipe, and what future problems may arise. With the use of a high tech camera equipment we are able to fully inspect your sewer line with ease. A sewer pipe inspection gives our clients the peace of mind to know that their pipes are clean or, if there are problems, prepares them with knowledge and options to proactively address the situation.

Our service is specifically tailored for real estate agents, buyers and home owners to compliment the home inspection process or just simply provide the knowledge of what’s down under so there are not any surprises in the future that will be expensive. Replacing a sewer pipe can cost between $4,000 and $25,000. Better safe than sorry.

The condition of a side sewer line is a material fact that is important in influencing the decision to purchase a home. A broken pipe is a latent defect that may not be known by the present owner but can have damaging consequences to the future owner. No agent wants their client to move into a home that has unknown and potentially costly problems. We provide the service of inspection at the least expensive price in the area and we sell it as an important step for anyone who wants to buy a home.