When you are deciding to purchase a home in Denver, a lot of things are on your mind; is the foundation solid, are cabinets going to be enough, and are the sewer lines in proper working condition? This last thought may not be at the forefront, but it should be. If you buy a home with hidden sewer issues, you can be dealing with many awful repairs and services in the future.

Safe Investment Sewer & Drain in Denver never wants this to be your scenario. We are a team of professional, trained sewer specialists who know what we are looking for and will make sure your sewer is in order. We wanted to let you know the three things you always need inspecting when it comes to your sewer in Denver.

Main Sewer Line

We have heard horror stories of people’s sewer lines collapsing because issues were not caught in time. When you have a professional sewer inspection team come in with a specialty camera to go through the sewer line, you will know all you need to. The camera will be able to detect if your line is deteriorating or if there is an obstruction. Knowing these problems is important at the beginning, so you can plan accordingly to get them repaired or to keep looking for a Denver home. Some repairs cost more than others, so it is always vital to check what is happening in your potential new home.

Water Heater

Most water heaters are said to last upwards of 10 years. If your home is older, you may want to inspect when it was purchased, because it may need to be replaced before you move in. Getting your water heater inspected by a technician will tell you if there are leaks, if the heater is damaged, or if it is in fine working condition. You don’t want to come across costly repairs because you weren’t prepared with the proper knowledge.


When you walk into your potential Denver home, we know your main focus isn’t the toilet situation. Inspecting the toilets is a smart move because a bad toilet can cause many problems down the line. An inspector will look for things like a leak at the base of the toilet. Even if it is minor, it needs to be repaired so it doesn’t ruin the flooring in the future. They will also look to see what kind of piping system the home has. Depending on the material, it can affect the price of the home.

Don’t go into your potential home without knowing the facts. Inspecting your sewer and drain system is just as important as other inspections within the home. If you are a prospective buyer, call us in Denver. We are courteous, knowledgeable, and will help you make the right choice.