A Denver home inspection is one of the most important steps you can take when making sure that your new home is a sound investment and a safe place to live. However, many homeowners don’t fully understand the importance of home inspections, what happens during home inspections, or what they need to do to get the most out of it. Today we’re covering the biggest mistakes buyers make during the home inspection an dhow you can avoid these pricey pitfalls.

  1. Not having a new construction inspected. Even experienced homebuyers have been caught making this rookie mistake. They assume that because a home has passed all local codes and ordinances, it must be in good shape. Don’t be so sure about that, though! Don’t assume your builder or the contractors did everything correct simply because the home passed code.
  2. Don’t choose an inspector for the wrong reasons. A home inspector is a professional who is going to give one of your biggest investments a full physical checkup. Make sure you choose someone who is competent, thorough, and trustworthy. Unfortunately, way too many homebuyers go with the cheapest inspection rather than the right one. Always ask about licensing, professional affiliations and credentials, and whether the inspector carries errors and omissions insurance.
  3. Make sure you go along on the inspection. The written report you get from the inspector doesn’t give you nearly as clear a picture of the condition of the house as you might think.
  4. Always follow up on the inspectors recommendations. Often inspectors will recommend buyers get an issue evaluated further, but then the buyer waits to do so until after closing on the home.