There are many wonderful things about owning your own home. You can create your own oasis away from the world in which to build memories with your family and friends. That being said, it also takes a lot of work to own a home. In particular, it’s important to stay on top of necessary maintenance every season.

This fall, make sure you are performing the following maintenance on your home in Colorado:


  • Check the attic. Do you have enough insulation for the coming winter months? If not, make sure to add some to protect your home from the coming cold weather. 
  • Check the ceiling. Do you have any signs of roof damage? If you see any leaks or water stains, it’s time to schedule for repair now rather than waiting through winter. 
  • Check the windows and doors. Make sure you don’t have any air leaks or drafts. If you do, install weather stripping to keep your home warm this winter. 
  • Check the furnace. It’s best to do a routine furnace inspection now to prevent requiring emergency HVAC services during the winter months when companies will be very busy. Invest in extra furnace filters now and make sure to replace them at least once every three months. 
  • Test your detectors. Make a point to go around your home and test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they have fresh batteries. 
  • Service your chimney. You may want to use your fireplace this winter. If so, you need to have it serviced first. 


  • Inspect doors, windows, and trim. Be sure to look for any cracks in your doors, windows, or trim now to keep hot air from the furnace inside your home. 
  • Attend to your screens. Make sure to clean your screens, store them for winter, and replace them with storm windows. 
  • Cover your outdoor pipes. To prevent freezing, you will want to insulate your outdoor pipes for the colder months. 
  • Inspect the roof. Look at the roof and look for any signs of damage before it has to take the long Colorado winter. 
  • Clean the gutters. Make sure to remove any dirt and debris from the gutters now so they can handle all the melting snow later in the season. 
  • Repair cracks. If there are any cracks in your sidewalks, steps, or driveway, during the winter, water can enter them, freeze, and cause more damage. 
  • Drain the sprinklers. Speaking of freezing water causing damage, leaving your sprinklers with water in them is a surefire way to break your sprinklers. Be sure to drain them and turn them off for the colder months. 
  • Check drainage. Make sure that gutter spouts and other drainage are directed away from your home. 
  • Aerate, fertilize, and seed your lawn. Doing this in fall ensures that your lawn will be ready for fresh growth come this spring. 

We hope this list helps you maintain your home for autumn. If you need a home inspection in Denver this fall, we would love to help! Contact us today