Making sure your home’s sewer system is clear and unobstructed is important to the peace of mind of any property owner. A clogged or plugged sewer line can cause major problems to your home or yard. Safe Investment Sewer Inspections offers professional and affordable sewer line inspections in Denver that will alert you to any potential issues. We use only the latest technology to scope and inspect your pipes, looking at every joint and connection, making sure that your sewer is clear to the city’s main line. We offer our services to both residential and commercial customers for the low price of $99.

It’s very likely that your home or office building was built many years ago and if so, the sewer system is also that old. Off-set pipes can cause breaks and tree roots may have found their way around the pipes over the years, causing misalignment and buildup. Even the smallest crack or break can cause problems – that’s why our thorough video inspection is essential to pinpointing trouble areas. You’ll be able to take a detailed report and find the proper professionals to repair or replace your sewer lines.

If you think there’s an issue with your pipes, it’s never the wrong time to call for sewer inspections in Denver. We are available from 7 am to 10 pm Monday through Saturday and by appointment on Sundays. You can contact us online for an appointment and a member of our team will be in touch promptly. If you’d rather call for an appointment, we can be reached at 303-233-0750. We look forward to helping you.