1. 5 Symptoms of a Damaged Sewer Pipe

    Unfortunately, sewer pipes don’t last forever. If your sewer pipe is older than 25 years, then it is susceptible to failure at anytime. It’s also possible for a sewer pipe to already be damaged by a tree root intrusion, cracks, or misaligned connections. If your sewer line fails, your plumbing fails, and you do NOT want to get to that point. This will cost you exponentially more money than sim…Read More

  2. Watch Out: Water Can Enter Your Basement These Ways

    Homeowners everywhere dread certain events, and one of them is finding water in the basement. If left unaddressed, basement flooding can cause moisture to accumulate and mold and mildew to grow, creating a health hazard for you and your family. It’s important to address the issue ASAP by determining the root cause of the water accumulating in your basement, so you can keep your basement dry and …Read More

  3. 4 Signs It’s Time for a Sewer Inspection

    If you’re having problems with your home’s sewer line or plumbing system, a sewer video inspection is the best way to diagnose the problem swiftly. Even if you don’t have any obvious problems at this point, if you haven’t had an inspection in a while, it may be time to take the plunge and invest in a sewer inspection in Denver. When you work with Safe Investment Home Inspection, we can off…Read More

  4. Fall Maintenance for Colorado Homeowners

    There are many wonderful things about owning your own home. You can create your own oasis away from the world in which to build memories with your family and friends. That being said, it also takes a lot of work to own a home. In particular, it’s important to stay on top of necessary maintenance every season. This fall, make sure you are performing the following maintenance on your home in Color…Read More

  5. Three Things That Need To be Inspected in Your Denver Home

    When you are deciding to purchase a home in Denver, a lot of things are on your mind; is the foundation solid, are cabinets going to be enough, and are the sewer lines in proper working condition? This last thought may not be at the forefront, but it should be. If you buy a home with hidden sewer issues, you can be dealing with many awful repairs and services in the future. Safe Investment Sewer &…Read More

  6. Why Do Regular Sewer Inspections Matter?

    If there’s one thing we know for sure, sewer inspection and cleaning can be really, really disgusting. It’s the kind of thing that the vast majority of homeowners don’t even want to think about, much less schedule. But as a homeowner, a regular sewer inspection is critically important to not only the structural stability of your home but also the health of you and your family. Keep reading …Read More