1. 5 Symptoms of a Damaged Sewer Pipe

    Unfortunately, sewer pipes don’t last forever. If your sewer pipe is older than 25 years, then it is susceptible to failure at anytime. It’s also possible for a sewer pipe to already be damaged by a tree root intrusion, cracks, or misaligned connections. If your sewer line fails, your plumbing fails, and you do NOT want to get to that point. This will cost you exponentially more money than sim…Read More

  2. Watch Out: Water Can Enter Your Basement These Ways

    Homeowners everywhere dread certain events, and one of them is finding water in the basement. If left unaddressed, basement flooding can cause moisture to accumulate and mold and mildew to grow, creating a health hazard for you and your family. It’s important to address the issue ASAP by determining the root cause of the water accumulating in your basement, so you can keep your basement dry and …Read More